The policy of periodic redemption offers to unit holders ceased in May 2011, with the Board adopting a policy of periodic compulsory returns of capital. The Trust is currently operating as a non-liquid managed investment scheme. While not obligate...

Other Forms

Unitholders who change their address or contact details, please download the Change of Address document Distribution Instructions Unit Transfer

Continuous Disclosure

In June 2009, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) released new disclosure guidelines for unlisted 'disclosing entities' such as Mayne Investments Limited. The guidelines allow the Fund to meet its continuous disclosure oblig...


Any Unitholder dissatisfied with the service provided by Mayne in relation to the Trust may complain to Mayne in the first instance by phoning (02) 6622 4236. A Disputes Resolution Officer handles complaints in the first instance which if not pro...
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