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Lending Ceased

In June 2012, the Directors of Mayne Investments Limited took the decision to wind down the Northern Invetsment Trust. As such the Fund is no longer making new loans.

Reasons why borrowers keep coming back to us:

NO FEES: Unlike other lenders Mayne does not charge fees for loan applications, approvals or at rollover stages. We only ask borrowers to meet the cost of ensuring our security is in place and for the purpose of a valuation;

COMPETITIVE VARIABLE RATES: Our lending rates are competitive and determined by the prevailing economic conditions, the quality of the security and the borrower’s particular circumstances;

FAST APPROVALS: We understand the need for a quick decision. Because we are a regional financier, decisions don’t go off to some remote head office, where your loan application sits for weeks on end. We generally give an answer in days, not weeks.

All loan applications are carefully considered by the Mayne Board of Directors who have substantial credit and property development experience.

EARLY REPAYMENTS: Borrowers are not penalised for making early repayments.

LOAN TO VALUE RATIO OF UP TO 65%: Loans are generally no more than 65% of the value of the first mortgages security property as assessed by an approved valuer.

FLEXIBLE REPAYMENT OPTIONS: Most loans are on an interest only basis, however, our experienced lenders have the flexibility to devise a loan to suit your requirements.



For loan enquiries please phone (02) 6622 4236 and ask for a loans officer.

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